The idea around the label was born during our first Bali vacation in 2017. Inspired by the beautiful island and the very special atmosphere, we wanted to take this feeling not only home for us, but also pass it on to everyone else. So in the same year we started the label Onvacay.

Over the years, we have always evolved and so in 2021 the rebranding to ONVACAY STUDIO followed.

With the rebranding to ONVACAY STUDIO we have become more grown up and grown further. Besides great Bali style interior, we now also offer resort wear. So you can always have a piece of vacation feeling with you, whether at home or on the road. It is important to us that all our products can be perfectly integrated into everyday life – regardless of seasons and your location.

Fair und sustainable

The majority of our products still come from Bali. Here it is particularly important to us to work with small manufacturers, where fairness and sustainability are at the top. We maintain a close and personal contact and develop our products in loving cooperation.

From Berlin and Bali to your home

The majority of our products, which we design and manufacture with much love and close cooperation with the producers for you comes from the beautiful island of Bali. But also products from Vietnam, Romania, Germany and Turkey can be found at ONVACAY STUDIO.

The loving preparation as well as the shipping to your home will then be done from our capital warehouse in Berlin, Germany.

Living life the tropical way

“Living life the tropical way” is the motto of ONVACAY STUDIO. In everyday life at home we often forget to enjoy the little things in life and forget to create decelerating moments in all the hustle and bustle. Just like we do on vacation. We also want to encourage you, no matter where you are, to always enjoy life to the fullest: Living life the tropical way.

Fast delivery
Shipping within 1-3 days for all orders with a delivery address in Germany.
Free shipping
For all orders with delivery address in Germany.
For orders over 50 Euro in Europe.
Easy payment
Via Paypal, Sofort., Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
We work with small family productions, which produce our products lovely handmade.